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The Brumby bag collection

Limited Quantities. Unlimited Style

In response to a ripper demand and the true blue craftsmanship of our handcrafted process, we're chuffed to roll out a new way to snag your own Brumby Bag.

 Starting on the 1st of each month, we'll open our order books for a limited time. This ensures that each bag receives the attention it deserves while maintaining our standards of quality.

Mark Your Calendar: The 48-Hour Window

During this exclusive 48-hour period, you'll have the opportunity to place your order. Once the clock ticks down, orders are on hold till next month's drop. Don't miss the boat, set your alarms and join us pronto on the 1st to grab your slice of timeless Aussie elegance.




Custom Brumby Bags

here's how it works

1. starting your order

Custom spots become available on the first (1st) of each month at 6pm AEST.

Spots sell out quickly and you have 48 hours to place your order. It is a very limited number of spots to order a Brumby Bag, whether it is a standard bag or a custom bag with branding / initials.

You will have the option to select colour and custom branding as you go along. If we sell out before you get in line, check back hourly to see if anyone abandoned their cart. If someone abandons their cart, inventory will be made available again

2. Customise & Checkout

Select the colour you want and any other customised branding or initials by selecting and detailing what you are after.

Checkout -
Once you have reviewed and are happy with your selections, start the check out process. On the checkout page double check your custom requests.

3. Confirmation

Make sure all your information is correct then complete checkout and payment.

Note that you will have 60 mins from the time you start your cart to complete your order. The number of custom orders per month is very limited but if you're in you can relax and focus on getting the details right.

You can also relax knowing that we will be in touch to make sure everything is in order before building your Brumby Bag

Need help?

Frequently Asked Questions

custom brumby orders

Have a question? We would love to hear from you, please fill out the form below or email or give Georgina a call on 0491723358

Custom Designs - We offer custom designs / initials on all our work. If you have something special and significant you would like made please submit an enquiry below or send us an email.